Chef Dominique's domilicious gourmet foods

be catered to anytime


Caramelized Almonds

So domilicous, you won't be able to save them for your salad...

If you somehow manage to restrain yourself from eating these almonds by the handful, enjoy them on a Chef Dominique's house salad!

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Hazelnut Dressing

This gourmet hazelnut dressing is great with any salad

It is, however, even better in Chef Dom's classic salad. Don't forget the almonds; and why deprive yourself of some Marcigny cheese?

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Marcigny Cheese Spread

For an amazing salad experience or served as a dip or spread...

this gourmet cheese dip is simply domilicious.

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Shrimp Bisque

Traditional French bisque, silky, creamy, thick, shrimp soup simmered to perfection by Chef Dominique.

Just like in being in the south of France

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